Wednesday, 20 October 2010


oh dear life...
why should we being a slaved..
why should we get stuck with the same truck..
its just, all of this need to be reconstruct..

human isn't a duck, nor just a pluck..
maybe we don't have that luck..

oh.. this is not meant to be this..
that should not keep being that..
we should move to other that..
so that we can ovastand this and that..

why should we keep on suffering?
why can't we start loving?
sharing, loving and breathing..
this is because they not knowing,
that breathing is a part of loving..

"breathing is not only fi living, its a part of loving" - mirol

~dan di setiap sedutan dan hembusan nafasku, akan ku terus memuja-Mu, YA ALLAH..

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